Live, love, pray.

Life is tough, Harder than nails, Faith is the one thing, That never fails, Praying hard, When it’s hardest to pray, Is the best weapon, For every demon & trial to slay, When we feel , Turned inside out, Faith always removes, Every element of doubt, So please don’t worry, Your pretty little head, Live life now, Before you are dead.

Green eyed monster.

Jealousy is a dark place, it makes no sense of time or face, raging emotions that just blow, uncontrollable to the very core., Rhyme or reason goes out the door, everyone you encounter becomes a foe, rational thinking no longer in place, only suspicion forms the base., Ranting and raving, running about, calming down is definitely out, there is no sense in what you do, all that matters is they cheated on you., So nothing that they do or say, makes up for anything, no way , hurts piled up and words slayed, way out of control and badly played., Unless one gives in and quietens down, you will try, to each other, drown, take a deep breath and calm yourself, it’s the only way to get out of this mess.

Heart of the matter.

Our hearts and minds have compartments, of fragments buried deep within, loving memories on the surface, the dark and painful tucked in., all it takes is a spark of memory, triggered by a person or thing, opens up deep ravines of our heart, like glowing embers on Angels wings, The floodgates of emotions break free, from the very depths of your soul, inside your`re screaming dreadfully, making you painfully writhe and roll, self denial doesn’t help much, to put some skeletons down, its facing your deepest fears, till all the darkness has flown., for in these horrid places of the past, we have a lesson to learn well, don’t suppress and bury your feelings, keeping them deep inside to dwell., focus always on what lifts you up, not on what weighs you down, the light at the end of the tunnel, is seen, showing all that you have overcome.

Shaz xoxo

My Angel (your wings were ready but my heart wasn’t)

When your heavenly journey began, I then knew what hell felt like, This world just stopped turning, I cried and wanted you back., My tears relaying my sorrow, Of the emptiness that I felt, Closed myself off humanity, With this bad hand I had been dealt. Nobody else could ever fill, This huge cavity in my heart, Not having you here near me, For me a huge missing part., You always called me your Angel, But I wasn’t ready by far, For you to really become one, In another realm where now you are., I can never ever replace you, Or all the fond memories we made, In a world which was yours and mine, Till farewell we did bade., I will always keep you safe , In my heart tucked in deep, Till I am joined with you once more, Everyday I will gently weep.

Shaz xoxo

In search of love…

As the many years roll on, You realize , where the time has gone, In search for that, special one, To come home to after the day is done. Joys and sorrow with them to share, A relationship that is beyond compare, Two hearts beating as one you see, Someone out there is made just for me., I just have to be patient, and still, And refine who I am, at will, Till that special someone is found, When we meet somewhere on common ground. Two different personalities leaving their mark, An intricate combination of light and dark, Taking and giving to share and care, A lifetime of love between them to share.

Be celebrated NOT tolerated.

Don’t make yourself smaller and shrink, to fit yourself in someone’s life, who think they are too big and perfect for you. They will restrict your growth and confine you in a prison where you are chained and they are free. Know when YOU are being Celebrated not Tolerated, Know YOUR Value and stop giving people discounts, Know when to say NO, Know that YOU are PRICELESS. Tell yourself, “I will not allow anyone to target me, blow up my mind or trigger negative thoughts, I AM IN CONTROL. I’m not perfect, I’m ME I’ve made bad decisions I’m ME I’ve always been outspoken, I’m ME I’ve gotten physical sometimes, I’m ME I’ve done some things I’m not proud of, I’m ME I’ve loved and trusted the wrong people, I’m ME I’m the best I can ever be, If I had a chance to start over, I wouldn’t ever change a thing because, I’m ME.” You got this.🙌


Shaz xoxo