Life blown away.🍃

Life is so fleeting

It goes by so fast

Here one minute

Then it’s your last

Dreams left unfulfilled

Things left to do

When that last breath

Is all that’s left in you

A fraction of a second

Your life flashes by

Gone into oblivion

Ends with just a sigh

Becoming a memory 

Of a person that was

Numbness left behind

In deaths cold claws

A vacuum that is deep

Nothing can ever fill

There is only so much

You can cry until

You meet beyond yonder

Where, there is no strife

Above the clouds somewhere

Just everlasting life

Each day that goes by 

There’s nothing you can do

Only time Inching closer

To being forever with you.

(Dedicated to my little 24 year old friend who became an Angel today,  04-09-2018)

©️Shaz xoxo


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