Prompt challenge #1

As he lay there, in a cold dark place, unable to move, unable to wrap his head around what was happening to him, unaware about his whereabouts. Amidst the deathly silence, suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. He could feel eyes on him even though his eyes were closed. There was a loud noise and a flurry of movement surrounding him. There was a beeping sound far away, the warmth of the scanner sending the chills through his body as it passed over his hand. Oh! Wait, it wasn’t a scanner, but some kind of machine, his head was too fuzzy and numb to make sense of anything. His skin screaming through each and every pore, goosebumps all over, even the hair at the nape of his neck was straining upward with the tension from within. His whole body tingling with anticipation. All his senses honing on the flurry of movement around him. At that moment, he realised that the whizzing, beeping, whispering and the buzz of activity was for him. People trying to bring him back to reality from a frozen, dark, cold world. So, instead of going towards the warm light, like a moth to a flame, he opened his eyes to sighs of victory and the shrill screams of loved ones in pure ecstatic joy. He felt alive and thankful with renewed strength for this new life. A second chance, not to change what was, but to BE the change in what will be. A brand new chapter.

Prompt by @The stories in Between.

(The warmth of the scanner sending the chills through his body as it passed over his hand.)

©️Shaz xoxo


10 thoughts on “Prompt challenge #1

  1. So is it like… A person having a near death experience. lived through it and realized he had a second chance at life… So now he’s going to live right. to live a
    better life or something…

    Bare with me because I’m kinda slow😂

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