Prompt Challenge #2

This is for the parent,

Slogging night and day,

This is for the children,

Demanding and going astray.

This is for the  home,

Broken faster than its built,

This is for the relationship,

Cheating, lust and guilt.

This is for the plastic,

Carelessly thrown by the sea,
This is for the environment,

Cutting down every tree.

This is for the animals,

Adopted just because..

This is for the politicians,

Never following their own laws.

This is for the poor,

Unrelenting is their life,

This is for the rich,

Wealth and not much strife,

This is for the orphaned,

A home and love they want,

This is for the spoiled kid,

Having it all yet they rant.

This is for the country, 

Nothing but a pack of lies,

This is for Mother Earth,

Polluted slowly she dies.

Prompt by Christopher Bland (This is for mother Earth…..)

©️Shaz xoxo


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