Great to be back.

Wow!! It’s been a long time. Feels great to be back. I really missed my wordpress family. Been through an emotion rollercoaster. Hopefully it can all be turned into beautiful words. Looking forward to your comments and constructive criticism. Stay blessed and have a great day. Back with a bang.👌👍🙌😋💞


My first ebook of poems.

Please do check it out at Amazon/kindle, as this is my first book of poems out. Show some love people. 

The friendly hand behind the trigger.

I’m sure many of us have been through times where this has happened. We are betrayed by someone we once trusted and believed in, and that we thought trusted and believed in us. Then we find out later that this person WE would have literally taken a bullet for, is the one standing behind the trigger. Betrayal by anyone we once cared about is one of the most heartbreaking things to recover from. It becomes even harder, when that person goes on to do all they can to slander you and try to paint a picture of you that couldn’t be farther from the truth of who you are. First and foremost, you have to accept the fact that you can’t control the lies other people will tell about you, and the more you try to, the more frustrated you will become. Remember that the only thing you do control is how you react to their lies. Don’t ever stoop to their level. As long as you know God knows you, then you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s opinion of you because God is the only one with a perfect knowledge of who you are and what you’ve done…everyone else is just guessing on hearsay. God is the only one equipped to pass righteous judgement on you and thank heavens for that! One great lesson that we can learn from the unfair treatment we receive from others, and that is: Never allow yourself to judge someone else by the negative opinion of others! Recognize how horrible it made YOU feel when someone judged you unfairly or when believed the  slander about you. When you hear someone spreading lies or sharing mean gossip about someone else, stop yourself from taking their word for it. Always remember that you shouldn’t believe the unkind things you hear about someone are true just because someone with venom toward them said they are.

“What’s that?… You heard a bunch of stories about me? From someone who hates me….Go figure.”
Never look down on someone, only God sits that high.

Quote #37

I may appear normal

My feelings hardly show

It takes tremendous effort

To put on an outward glow

It took me years of practice

To build a wall around my heart

Never more insecure or vulnerable

The new me, a brand new start.

Prompt Challenge #2

This is for the parent,

Slogging night and day,

This is for the children,

Demanding and going astray.

This is for the  home,

Broken faster than its built,

This is for the relationship,

Cheating, lust and guilt.

This is for the plastic,

Carelessly thrown by the sea,
This is for the environment,

Cutting down every tree.

This is for the animals,

Adopted just because..

This is for the politicians,

Never following their own laws.

This is for the poor,

Unrelenting is their life,

This is for the rich,

Wealth and not much strife,

This is for the orphaned,

A home and love they want,

This is for the spoiled kid,

Having it all yet they rant.

This is for the country, 

Nothing but a pack of lies,

This is for Mother Earth,

Polluted slowly she dies.

Prompt by Christopher Bland (This is for mother Earth…..)

©️Shaz xoxo

Prompt challenge #1

As he lay there, in a cold dark place, unable to move, unable to wrap his head around what was happening to him, unaware about his whereabouts. Amidst the deathly silence, suddenly he wasn’t alone anymore. He could feel eyes on him even though his eyes were closed. There was a loud noise and a flurry of movement surrounding him. There was a beeping sound far away, the warmth of the scanner sending the chills through his body as it passed over his hand. Oh! Wait, it wasn’t a scanner, but some kind of machine, his head was too fuzzy and numb to make sense of anything. His skin screaming through each and every pore, goosebumps all over, even the hair at the nape of his neck was straining upward with the tension from within. His whole body tingling with anticipation. All his senses honing on the flurry of movement around him. At that moment, he realised that the whizzing, beeping, whispering and the buzz of activity was for him. People trying to bring him back to reality from a frozen, dark, cold world. So, instead of going towards the warm light, like a moth to a flame, he opened his eyes to sighs of victory and the shrill screams of loved ones in pure ecstatic joy. He felt alive and thankful with renewed strength for this new life. A second chance, not to change what was, but to BE the change in what will be. A brand new chapter.

Prompt by @The stories in Between.

(The warmth of the scanner sending the chills through his body as it passed over his hand.)

©️Shaz xoxo

Need prompts please.

Just wanted to put it out there, to all my fellow bloggers to comment with one sentence for a prompt. My train of thought has left the station and I really need a nudge. Maybe anyone who feels like using a prompt and taking up the challenge with me would be fun thing to do.

Which One word describes your writing style?

I think this is a fun way to get to know all the fellow bloggers on our list. Which ONE word describes your writing style.


Shaz xoxo

Life blown away.🍃

Life is so fleeting

It goes by so fast

Here one minute

Then it’s your last

Dreams left unfulfilled

Things left to do

When that last breath

Is all that’s left in you

A fraction of a second

Your life flashes by

Gone into oblivion

Ends with just a sigh

Becoming a memory 

Of a person that was

Numbness left behind

In deaths cold claws

A vacuum that is deep

Nothing can ever fill

There is only so much

You can cry until

You meet beyond yonder

Where, there is no strife

Above the clouds somewhere

Just everlasting life

Each day that goes by 

There’s nothing you can do

Only time Inching closer

To being forever with you.

(Dedicated to my little 24 year old friend who became an Angel today,  04-09-2018)

©️Shaz xoxo

Bubbles of life.☯️

Like bubbles we float higher and higher everyday, waiting for that inevitable moment, when we fade away and become one with the universe, knowing there were no could’ves, should’ves, would’ves or regrets, as we travel through the time, we took for granted. So, before you burst out of your shell and blend in with the stars, make sure you do, see and say all that you have been longing to accomplish. Empty your bucket list of dreams and cherish every precious memory you make along the way. Before you yourself become a memory. Leave behind you, a trail, of your well spent life, that is etched deep in the hearts of your loved ones left behind. When your name echoes, bringing smiles of remembrance and stories of you to be told, for generations to come. 

©️Shaz xoxo