Falling from way high

Clutching at the deep blue sky

Oh! My! What a view.


Out of breath.

It is hard to breathe~you are my nebuliser~you take my breath away.


You should Embrace life~ before death embraces you~creeping in slowly.

Haiku do’s.

Five syllables first~seven syllables second~five in the third line.

Empty Nest.

My children have all grown ~ from the nest they have all flown ~ now I’m on my own.

Blown away.

A walk in the park ~ it’s a very windy day ~ blows my sadness away.

Hard hearted.

Rock Hard like granite ~ bitter cold as shards of ice, be still my beaten heart.

Little orange dot.(Haiku)

Little orange dot~lighting up my face and screen~shows someone somewhere is reading.

Bone ultimatum.(Haiku)

T-Bone is to eat~funny bone is to laugh out~backbone is to live.

Priceless love. (Haiku)

Please Don’t buy your love~when love is finished and worn~they hate you for free.