Quote #37

I may appear normal

My feelings hardly show

It takes tremendous effort

To put on an outward glow

It took me years of practice

To build a wall around my heart

Never more insecure or vulnerable

The new me, a brand new start.


Quote #36

Each time you try to bring me down,

I will always put up a fight,

Don’t you ever forget,

What’s done in the dark,

Always comes out in the light.

You can be my cure or poison.

You can be,

my cure, my poison,

My envy, my pride,

My weakness, my strength,

My Jekyll, My Hyde.

Quote #35

Judge not what others do,

Or what they see or say,

It all comes right back to you,

In life, come what may.

Quote #34

Some people thrive on pretence,

They enjoy having a second face,

One for each split personality,

A whole new breed of human race.

Quote #33

​Sometimes my day is dark and my night is bright.

Deciphering madness.😁







I hope this brought a smile to your face, even though it seems so amateurish and lame. Sometimes we are square pegs in round holes. Thanks for putting up with my weird sense of humour.🙌😋😂😁😘😍♥️

Shaz xoxo

Good or bad just be glad.(Quote #32)

​What blessings you receive is meant for you, what is taken away is ruinous for you. Either way He has your back. Thank him for both. 

Quote #31

“Loving someone, who is toxic to your mind, body and soul, is the worse self infliction ever.”

Quote #30

​You are my Nebulizer, 

I can’t breathe, without you.