The friendly hand behind the trigger.

I’m sure many of us have been through times where this has happened. We are betrayed by someone we once trusted and believed in, and that we thought trusted and believed in us. Then we find out later that this person WE would have literally taken a bullet for, is the one standing behind the trigger. Betrayal by anyone we once cared about is one of the most heartbreaking things to recover from. It becomes even harder, when that person goes on to do all they can to slander you and try to paint a picture of you that couldn’t be farther from the truth of who you are. First and foremost, you have to accept the fact that you can’t control the lies other people will tell about you, and the more you try to, the more frustrated you will become. Remember that the only thing you do control is how you react to their lies. Don’t ever stoop to their level. As long as you know God knows you, then you don’t need to worry about anyone else’s opinion of you because God is the only one with a perfect knowledge of who you are and what you’ve done…everyone else is just guessing on hearsay. God is the only one equipped to pass righteous judgement on you and thank heavens for that! One great lesson that we can learn from the unfair treatment we receive from others, and that is: Never allow yourself to judge someone else by the negative opinion of others! Recognize how horrible it made YOU feel when someone judged you unfairly or when believed the  slander about you. When you hear someone spreading lies or sharing mean gossip about someone else, stop yourself from taking their word for it. Always remember that you shouldn’t believe the unkind things you hear about someone are true just because someone with venom toward them said they are.

“What’s that?… You heard a bunch of stories about me? From someone who hates me….Go figure.”
Never look down on someone, only God sits that high.


Which One word describes your writing style?

I think this is a fun way to get to know all the fellow bloggers on our list. Which ONE word describes your writing style.


Shaz xoxo

Bubbles of life.☯️

Like bubbles we float higher and higher everyday, waiting for that inevitable moment, when we fade away and become one with the universe, knowing there were no could’ves, should’ves, would’ves or regrets, as we travel through the time, we took for granted. So, before you burst out of your shell and blend in with the stars, make sure you do, see and say all that you have been longing to accomplish. Empty your bucket list of dreams and cherish every precious memory you make along the way. Before you yourself become a memory. Leave behind you, a trail, of your well spent life, that is etched deep in the hearts of your loved ones left behind. When your name echoes, bringing smiles of remembrance and stories of you to be told, for generations to come. 

©️Shaz xoxo

Everything YET Nothing.

Having life yet no love

Having breath yet lifeless

Having family yet lonely

Having money yet needy

Having health yet dying

Having sight yet blinded

Having God yet faithless

Having everything yet nothing.

Empty Womb👶

The magical moment of womanhood, is carrying a baby in your womb, Realizing it’s just a pipe dream, makes you feel like an empty tomb.

(I apologize if this post hurts people’s sentiments or feelings, it is one of the sensitive elephants in the room that needs to be set free and discussed) Adoption is an option that needs to be considered and explored. So many unwanted children are out there in the world, craving for a home to live in and parents to shower them with the kind of love, they still don’t know exists. Instead of carrying a baby in your tummy, you can carry one in your heart. Spreading joy, hope and love, saving lives, one child at a time. Making a difference in bringing excitement,satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning to your lives. 💞

©️Shaz xoxo

Gobsmacked with the love shown to me.💞

Wow!!! Its been less than a month and 200+ followers. When I started this blog, I was pretty darned nervous about my posts, wondering whether, people would like my style of writing. As being Human goes I was filled with  a self doubt and fear that my kind of writing won’t appeal to some. I must say I am humbled my dear friends for all the likes, comments, support and love shown by all of you my fellow bloggers. Hugs💞

Shaz xoxo

“You” and only you can do it.

Just when you think that life is balanced out, people around you have changed, the world somehow seems brighter and really smooth roads are ahead of you, when someone is reaching out to help you.. 

You get stabbed in the same place over and over again, by the many you have trusted and loved before this, opening up old wounds and blocked memories like Pandoras box, with its diabolical brutal twist of life, pushing you deeper into your shell of mistrust, fear and pain. 

Not everyone has a heart like yours, they can never be the person you are. See, do or feel what you feel. In this fast paced selfish world, people don’t give a damn. You just have to chin up and accept it. Never idolise or idealise anyone, they will never ever live up to your expectations. Just believe, trust and love yourself. You have to depend on you, no one else will do. When the going gets tough the tough get going. You got this. This, my friend, is the Reality of life.🙌💞

Pondering words.

As I stretch on my bed, and open my eyes, to the glorious morning sun, wondering what, this day has in store for me, And the many battles to be won. As I lie here and ponder, how life really works out, there’s definitely one thing, that stands out, without a doubt, no matter what we go through, in this life come what may, it’s mind over matter, you just have to seize it all in your own special way.

Carpe diem- Sieze the Day,💞

Carpe noctem- Sieze the Night,💞

Carpe vitam- Sieze the life.💞

Shaz xoxo

A light random moment to dispel the dark clouds.😁😂😋

A light moment now I think,

To break the chilly air,

I always wondered all these years,

A funny thought I’ll with you share,

If a giraffe drinks a hot cuppa,

Scalding tasty and nice

As it slides right down its throat,

Is it as cold as ice?

It’s a long way down you see

Having such a stretched neck,

The poor thing must be thinking,

Did I just drink a slushie, what the heck!!

( Sorry for this lameass post😁, had to cheer myself up from my depressing last post)

Morality between writers.

SOME writers can be defined as leeches, feeding off your thoughts and words. When it takes a tremoundous amount of strength for you to put into words, your pain, based on your past experiences, literally opening closets with skeletons of the nightmarish horrors that has haunted you for years. They just swoop in and shamelessly use your outpouring of emotions you have put into various styles of writing. There should be some kind of moral code between fellow bloggers. Respecting and applauding each others work, to each their own. I really appreciate the bloggers on my list, who are very supportive and appreciative of my work, who are very straightforward in their comments, which is good. It motivates me more. I just feel bad for my friend who is hurting, with all her work reworded and reblogged as their own.