Writing is art from the heart.

Writing is adventurous

Writing is fun

Writing is serious

Writing is glum

Writing is mayhem

Writing is peace

Writing is high strung

Writing is release

Writing is heaven

Writing is hell

Writing is sick

Writing is well

Writing is everything

You want it to be

Writing just writing

Fills you with glee.

(Writing is art from the heart.)

©️Shaz xoxo


Blank pages.

Every blank page,

Is a story untold,

Of every bane or boon,

Yet to unfold,

filling up quickly,

Just a few pages left,

You have to try,

To better your best,

Cram a lot in,

And give it your all

Until the last page,

Your final curtain call.

Everything YET Nothing.

Having life yet no love

Having breath yet lifeless

Having family yet lonely

Having money yet needy

Having health yet dying

Having sight yet blinded

Having God yet faithless

Having everything yet nothing.

Empty Womb👶

The magical moment of womanhood, is carrying a baby in your womb, Realizing it’s just a pipe dream, makes you feel like an empty tomb.

(I apologize if this post hurts people’s sentiments or feelings, it is one of the sensitive elephants in the room that needs to be set free and discussed) Adoption is an option that needs to be considered and explored. So many unwanted children are out there in the world, craving for a home to live in and parents to shower them with the kind of love, they still don’t know exists. Instead of carrying a baby in your tummy, you can carry one in your heart. Spreading joy, hope and love, saving lives, one child at a time. Making a difference in bringing excitement,satisfaction, fulfillment and meaning to your lives. 💞

©️Shaz xoxo


Falling from way high

Clutching at the deep blue sky

Oh! My! What a view.

💞Chosen Angels💞

As we go through lifes rough road, 

Each of us carrying a heavy load,

No one to share with us our pain,

Only for them, if it is a gain,

When the going, is good for us,

They wine and dine without a fuss,

But,when we’re in a downward state,

Only a handful to share our fate,

Sometimes family and foe mostly alike,

Heartache and sorrow repeatedly strike,

Just a few chosen Angels on earth,

Help us through, with their strength and mirth,

So when God does send, these Angels your way,

It’s because of your passed loved ones,

Good deeds to repay,

Hold on to those, whose heart seem true,

God is using them to help you get through.

©️Shaz xoxo

Quote #36

Each time you try to bring me down,

I will always put up a fight,

Don’t you ever forget,

What’s done in the dark,

Always comes out in the light.

Our Talent’s

Each of us are artists,

In our own unique way,

Working with our hands,

All through night and day,

Instead of using paints,

In colours of every hue,

Just black and white letters,

Giving each letter it’s due.

Sculpting beautiful words,

Till they make perfect sense,

Framing complete sentences,

Making sure to use the right tense.

Putting thoughts into words,

Isn’t as easy as it seems,

But once it is achieved,

It’s like sunlight through the beams.

Writing is a nice getaway,

For the young and the old,

Creating personal masterpieces,

More precious than silver and gold.

©️Shaz xoxo

Gobsmacked with the love shown to me.💞

Wow!!! Its been less than a month and 200+ followers. When I started this blog, I was pretty darned nervous about my posts, wondering whether, people would like my style of writing. As being Human goes I was filled with  a self doubt and fear that my kind of writing won’t appeal to some. I must say I am humbled my dear friends for all the likes, comments, support and love shown by all of you my fellow bloggers. Hugs💞

Shaz xoxo

Life is but a passing phase.

Life is but a passing phase, Taking us from place to place, Sometimes up and sometimes down, go through it without a frown.

There are no shortcuts, you’ve got to go the entire length, with faith as your armour, you will be given the strength.

No matter how high or low, in life’s journey, you may go, do what is right and walk the right path, priceless is, peace of mind and heart.

©️Shaz xoxo